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      Android is a mobile operating system that is frequently found in consoles, TVs, and smartphones. It was first created by Android Inc. and is based on Linux. But Google eventually bought it.

      The initial version of Android appeared in 2008, and it quickly rose to the top of the smart device industry. The finest feature that the majority of people appreciated about them was that they served as portable computers.

      What Benefits Come with Android App Development?

      • Low Investment & High ROI
      The fact that there is a minimal entrance barrier for android app development company is one of its main benefits. In addition, it freely gives the developer community access to the SDK, which lowers the cost of licencing and development.

      • Free software
      The benefits of the Android community include royalty-free, open licencing, and best-in-class foundation. Additionally, the Android SDK architecture is open-source, allowing for simple community interaction for advancements in the creation of Android mobile applications.

      Mobulous Provides Some Interesting Services:

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