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        GED Success Stories with Free GED Practice Tests Online

        Here are some inspiring GED Success stories from GED holders. Let’s be one of 20 million proud GED grads and counting around the world. Visit gedtestpro.com to get started. Follow our site to learn more about other informative blogs about the GED test. 

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        Trevor Murray aspired to earn a GED certificate – a high school equivalency credential so that he could get more job opportunities. He said that not having a high school diploma or the GED had been a real block in his life. He attended Adult Education Classes and used the GED Academy online program to hone the knowledge and skills necessary to nail the GED. Furthermore, he also prepared for the GED with online GED Practice Tests. He also stated that all the adult education staff had been extremely helpful with anything that he had needed, but GED Practice Tests by GED Test Pro had helped him to advance through the GED math lessons quickly. Now that he is getting his GED, Trevor can look forward to finding work as a lineman in the future.

        Charles Seabridge also shared his successful story on our platform. He wanted to earn a GED certificate to enroll in college. Thanks to his reading and writing teacher –  Pat Schuster, he learned how to manage an extended response essay. Furthermore, he also highly appreciated GED Test Pro – which had provided him with numerous GED Practice Tests with detailed explanations – because it helped him sharpen his math knowledge in two months.  Charles said that if you were planning to take a GED, you could take the  Free GED Practice Test Online to better yourself and go through your GED exam with ease. Eventually, he received his state-issued GED certificate with a score of 160 on each GED test subject. 

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        Cory Halprin waited 5 years after dropping out of high school before deciding to earn his GED, which might give him more job opportunities with high earnings.  In five months of study, Cory had developed skills strong enough to pass the GED on his first try with GED Practice Tests.  He said that he was planning to attend college to pursue a job in cyber security for the homeland sector. He found the GED Practice Tests were much helpful because it helped him to familiarize with GED test format and question types. Furthermore, he also tracked his progress thanks to the detailed result statistics provided after finishing each GED practice test.  He hopes others who want to get their GED can also take GED practice Tests. He said: “Especially helpful to me were the GED Social Studies Practice Tests, which were accompanied by the best tutorial videos.” 

        Nathan Neaves, who earned his GED after studying with the GED Practice Test for six months, wanted to be a good role model for his son. Almost all parents aspire to be role models for their children. Even after working ten hours per day, Nathan patiently spent two hours per day taking GED Practice Tests given by GED Test Pro. He stated that  free Online practice questions had helped him become accustomed to the GED questions and strengthened his high school knowledge as well. Although Nathan Neaves currently has a stable job, he plans to further his education in the near future, so he decided to earn a GED diploma. Nathan hopes that others who do not yet have a high school diploma will be encouraged to make use of GED practice tests at gedtestpro.com. “You’re never too old to get your GED,” he said.  

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        Nada Oraha, who is originally from Iraq. You may occasionally want to convince yourself of something. Sometimes you want to prove something to your family. At times, you desire both. For Nada, this was the situation. She had two kids when she and her husband immigrated to the United States. She  had three more children after moving to the United States, and Nada, who values education, spent two years studying for her GED.  Nada took longer because she had to travel out of the country for family events during her study time. She took GED Practice Tests on a regular basis, and she finally earned her GED after 6-month preparation. 

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